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Picture Perfect Photo Frame

A unique way to display your photos.  This acrylic picture frame displays 6 photos of your choosing.  The unique frame comes with the "Film Strip" insert and is made so you can add and change your photos simply. 
Meausers 36" long by 6 3/4" wide. Can put up to a 5" by 4" photo inside or cut to size. 

Price: $20.00 each

Photo Perfect Frame 





PT Cruiser Flame Cap, one size fit all


Price: $14.99

PT Cruiser Flame Hat

Red Flame, Red and Orange Flame, White Flame, Silver Flame






3-second brake light mask The easiest, most fun to use, 3rd brake light mask for your PT ever.

Get ready to express yourself! Your Presto Change-O™ installs and changes in under 3 seconds! No need for tools or disassembling (yikes) your Presto Change-O™, Will not warp, fade, shrink, crack, peel or bubble. Will not fit a Convertable

Price: $15.99

PCO Your Choice


Price: $19.99

PCO Custom Saying

What you want it to say:





Smoke Screen Kit, Universal Install

SMOKE ‘EM IF YOU GOT ‘EM! Whether you think you are a fleeing special agent or you just want to add a little more spice to your burn outs…the Smoke Screen Kit by AutoLöc is right up your alley! Just think, at a push of a button you can have a huge billow of smoke emerge from your exhaust pipe. Ideal for car shows and special effects. The Smoke Screen Kit includes high pressure 1/8” copper tubing, compression fittings, one can of AutoLoc™ Smoke Screen, base plate, an 1/8” 12V heavy duty valve and detailed instructions for easy installation. This kit is for off road use only, and is not intended for use while the vehicle is in motion.

Price: $129.00

Smoke Screen Kit





Cool Tee Shirts for the Grand Baby 

Here’s your chance to show and glow with this really cool Tee shirt for your grandkids.
It comes in two different sizes. Quality heavy weight shirt.



Available in Sizes: 2T, 4T, Youth Small, Youth Medium
Note: Adjust quantity on View Cart page.


Price: $ 10.00

Tee Shirts- Grandma & Grandpa





Crusin With Mommy & Daddy

Available in Sizes: 2T, Youth Small


Price: $10.00

Tee Shirts- Mommy & Daddy










Price: $64.90 Set of 2






Decals Bullet Hole Stickon Decals


Price: $5.95

38 Bullet Holes Decal