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Convertible Interior Section


01-10 Chrysler PT Cruiser Dash Cover

This dash cover is custom formed to the exact shape of your original dash. It is installed over top of the original dash,

and is held in place with silicone adhesive (provided). The installtion can usually be completed in 30 minutes or less.

No special tools are required. No original parts need to be removed. Can be painted at your local body or paint shop. Fits 2001-2010 PT Cruisers.



Price: $179.99 each

2001-2010 Dash Cover Replacement




Chrysler PT Cruiser 7-Pc Console Mat Set 01-05

Add a little PRACTICAL UTILITY and LUXURY to your PT with this 7-Pc Console Mat Set. No tools required; simply drop these perfectly fitting pieces into your PT's center console, and enjoy!

  • Improves appearance of console area
  • Soft, luxurious feel
  • Eliminates rattling objects
  • Prevents scratching
  • Easy, removable design allows for quick cleaning

You'll enjoy the quick cleanup that this set allows as well as the great, new look it will give your PT.

Price: $24.99

Seven Piece Counsel Mat Set





Custom Fitted Dashcovers & Matching Accessories, 2001-2010


The source for premium custom dashcovers and automotive accessories.


  • Dress up and protect your car, truck or van!
  • Reduce glare & harmful UV rays.
  • Tailored to the exact specifications of your vehicle.
  • Easy installation! Protects Your Dash From Harmful UV Rays!
  • Exclusive Turn-back Edge for the Cleanest Finish Possible (on velour fabric only).
  • Custom darting and hidden stitch assembly for a true contoured fit (no unsightly zig-zag stitching).
  • Installs in minutes with Velcro— Tabs Provided.
  • Plush Carpet (lifetime warranty).
  • Dresses Up Your Interior.
  • Reduces Dangerous Glare.
  • Hides Cracks and Discolorations.


Personalize Your Dash Designs With Custom Embroidery

 Available in Block or Script Style





Ocean Blue

Dark Blue








Foss Fiber— Carpet
Life-Time Warranty! 

Price: $39.99

Color: Year:


TritexTM 3-Layer Velour
5-Year Warranty! 


Color: Year:







PT Cruiser Convertible Windscreen Deflector

Our custom fit Convertible wind deflector reduces wind backdraft up to 75 percent

nearly eliminating wind buffeting and turbulence in the interior of your convertible.

Keeps you and your passengers looking great and not wind blown. Installs in minutes

deflector comes fully assembled and no cutting or permanent modifications needed.



. Very low wind noise

. Listen to music or talk comfortably

. Strong mesh fabric

. Rear view mirror visibility unaffected


 not photo of PT Cruiser...sorry



Price: $399.99

PT Cruiser Convertible Wind Deflector






Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible Custom Car Cover with Logo

Vehicle covers help protect your vehicle's finish from UV rays, dirt, and other airborne pollutants. Made of premium material that is washable, heavyweight, breathable and water-resistant. Custom contoured, this cover features double-stitched seams and elasticized bottom edges at the front and rear. Clear rear license plate window and tie-down grommets standard.

  • Double-stitched seams
  • Elasticized bottom edges front and rear
  • Protect your vehicle from UV rays and pollutants
  • Custom contoured for a perfect fit

Gray Evolution material with PT Cruiser logo for sedan models or Mopar logo for convertible models.

Price: $349.99

PT Convertible Car Cover 





Convertible Door / Body Top Chrome Set

5 Piece Set

A chrome plated stainless steel set that adds so much style to the PT Cruiser convertible. The five pieces fit along the top of the doors,

sides and rear of the car. A superbly made accessory that looks just perfect. Backed with 3M adhesive tape for a straightforward installation.

To explain it better it covers the black molding around the top of the body known as the "Belt Weather-strip". Fits all PT Convertibles 2004-2008.

Price: $312.00

Convertible Door Top Body 5 Piece Chrome Set






PT Cruiser Chrome Billet Emergency Brake Handle


The Chrome Billet Emergency Brake Handle from Cruiser MotorSports will give the interior of your PT Cruiser a touch of style. With all hardware and instructions included, this accessory can be installed with only some minor cutting on your handle.

  • Chrome billet
  • All hardware and instructions included
  • Minor cutting required

Brighten up the inside of your ride with a little chrome. The Cruiser MotorSports Chrome Billet Emergency Brake Handle is the perfect accessory to an already brilliant vehicle.


Price: $89.00

Billet Emergence Brake Handle 01-10





Seat Heater

Deluxe Heated Seat System w/ Switch & Harness (1 Seat)
For the vehicles witout the factory installed heated seats, now you can have the same luxury and keep your bottom and back nice and toasty . Feels really good on sore backs. We reccommend professional installation. 



Price: $89.99

Seat Heater & Round Switch





Seat Armour The Stylish Seat Cover to Protect your Car Seats from Stains, Odors

Why Seat Armour Car Seat Cover?

Our product is unlike anything that exists in the market today. It is an automotive accessory designed to protect your car upolstery

from damaging elements as well as a functional tool in assisting with people's busy lifestyle. The 100% cotton terry/velour seat cover will

fit over any car headrest and form fit over the seat, protecting the upholstery from stains, odor, and perspiration. And Comes branded with a Chrysler logo.

The simple design offers a high level of protection without the safety issues associated with common automotive upholstery protectors.The automotive industry has seen fit to produce cars with airbag deployment points in and around the car seat. This has developed into a heated debate over the standard car seat cover / seat towel and its impact on overall occupant safety.

People are weighing their options and choosing safety over upholstery protection.  This problem can easily be remedied, as our seat cover has no cumbersome pullovers or straps and will not effect airbag deployment. It slips over the headrest and grips tight at the base.When there is a need for airbag deployment, the seat cover will flex and move away, never constricting deployment. 

Seat Armour - Seat Cover Benefits

  • Great for after the gym!
  • Slip them on after the beach!
  • After hiking or playing sports!
  • Easy to use!
  • Machine Washable!
  • Keep your car seats looking new!
  • Protects from pet dander, soil and scratches!
  • Customized look, with logo of choice

Base Color
Tan Grey Black

Price: $32.99 each

Seat Armor







Universal Vehicle Multimedia System (Vision Liberty 3)

Here is the first ever headrest cover video system that allows you to add multimedia to your existing factory headrest for a true plug & play application.

This system installs in about 5 minutes and is ready to go. There is no need to replace or slice up your factory headrest,

no custom installation required. The best part is it is completely transferable from vehicle to vehicle. The system is either A/C or D/C operation

and can be used in the home also. The system comes with a luxurious suede carry bag for easy transportation from vehicle or to anywhere

you want to take it to.  The headrest cover are made of luxurious suede fabric and the universal size just slides right over the headrest and stays in place.


The DVD player is compatible with all formats: DVD, SVCD, VCD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW and Picture CD. Plays MPEG4 movies and has

anti vibration built in, Dolby digital and DTS output, digital audio output. Comes with a remote control and is E13 Certified for no electromagnetic interferences.


The system also comes with folding wireless headphones with built in volume control that comes in color matched carry bags


System & Specifications:

German TUV Crash safety tested. 2 each 7— tilting LCD Screen with infrared transmitters, with the headrest housing covers,

remote controls, system compatible with 12 Volt, 110 volt or 240 volt all cables included. Luxurious suede carrying bag.


Price: $275.99

Complete System Ready to go

Color: Taupe Beige





PT Logo Door Pulls, 01-10 

Dress up the interior of your PT with these door lock pins. These door pins come as a set of four and are polished billet and easy to install.

Simply unscrew the factory pins and remove from hole (some wiggling may be necessary), and then install the new pins.



Price: $18.00

PT Logo Door Pulls Set (4)







Jeweled Vent Knobs,03-05

These go right over your existing plastic

vent knobs. They have a chrome finish and then

the jeweled face. Really looks sharp and adds

personality to your dash.
These come as a set of 4. Order two set to go all the way across.


Set of four

Price: $30.00







Jeweled Door Locks

These Door locks come in a set of 2 and are
available in the same colors as the vent knobs. They have a chrome finish and a jeweled top.

Another sharp addition and classy look.


Set of two (Convertible)

Price: 19.50






Billet Flamed Door Pulls

These Door pulls come in a set of 4 and are available in the Red, Yellow,Purple,

Black or Blue. Another sharp addition and classy look. 2001-10


Price: 19.99, Set of 2

Billet Flame Door Pulls



Chrome Door Pulls

These Door pulls come in a set of 2. Fits all Cruisers. 2001-10


Price: $19.99 Set of 2

Chrome Door Pulls






Chrome with Real Wood Top Door Lock Pulls

These Door lock pulls come in a set of 2.
They have a chrome post with a round wood or slim line top.
Another sharp addition and classy look


Price: $9.95

Wood Door Lock Pull Set 2 (Convertible), 01-08




PT Cruiser Key Chains

Striking in appearance and crafted from superior materials, these keychains are unique,

durable, and backed by a lifetime warranty against flaws in materials & workmanship.

The face has a satin finish surrounded by polished stainless steel. This elegant keychain would make a great addition to any set of keys!

Price: $12.50 Each

PT Cruiser Stainless Key Chains





Chrome A/C Vent Covers Set

Here is another bright product from APA Industries. The covers are made of a high impact plastic and then chrome plated

to a high luster and brilliance. This is a four piece set. and very easy to install with attached 3-M automotive tape. Installation

requires NO disassembly of the dash. Now is the time to dress up your interior.


Chrome A/C Vent Set of 4




Chrome Door Striker Plates

Hot Item, 01-10

Replace your old brass looking door striker plate with show quality chrome strikers.

This is a three piece set that comes with new chrome screws except for the rear hatch striker screws (you don—t see them).

Easy replacement, installs in about 15 minutes




Price: 98.00

Chrome Striker Plate set (3), Convertible With Core Exchange 



Price: $139.00 Without Core Exchange

Chrome Striker Plates Set (3) Convertible








PT Cruiser Flame Cap, one size fit all

Price: $14.99

PT Cruiser Flame Hat

Red Flame, Red and Orange Flame, Silver Flame






Chrome Rear View Mirror with Flames

The sparkle from the brilliant chrome finish will first catch their eye. The raised flames then lets the approaching

world know how hot your ride is. The handy Day/Nite switch takes out the glare from inferior motorist left behind.

Available in 2 different flame colors: Blue Flames and Black Flames. Attaches to the factory glass-mounted bracket. Easy installation.


Price: $39.99

Chrome Flame Mirrors






Convertible Windscreen

The windscreen is made of durable nylon and is designed to reduce wind & noise for both the driver and passangers.

Installs in minutes with two velcro straps and snaps for the back. Comes with a carrying bag for storage.

Price: $399.99

Convertible Wind Screen


Billet Gas and Brake Pedals

Great way to accessorize your PT's interior with our Billet Gas and Brake Pedal.

Comes as a set.

Price: $113.99

Billet Fuel & Break Pedals


Foot Pedal Foot Rest

Great way to accessorize your PT's interior with our Billet Pedal Foot Rest.

A great compliment to our Gas & Break Pedal Set. *Gas & Brake pedal not included.

Pedal Foot Rest

Price: $78.00

Billet Foot Rest Pedal





Visors Plaques

'Chrysler' Visor Plaques

'GT Cruiser' Visor Plaques

'PT Cruiser' Visor Plaques

The 'Chrylser' Logo visor plaques are laser engraved in black on a silver background. Designed to fit both domestic and international PT Cruisers.
Set of 2.

Price: $18.00






Cruiser Defroster Trim Set - 3 Peice Stainless Steel

Polished stainless steel 3 piece Defroster Trim Kit.
This kit consists of the Top Oval Defroster Surround & 2 Small Side Defroster Surrounds. Hand molding/shaping is required for a proper fit of the Side Pieces.
Easy installation with 3M tape.
Fit 2001-2005 PT Cruisers. Does NOT fit the Convertible.

Price: $38.00

Defroster Trim Set 3 Piece






Cruiser A/C Plate - 2 Piece - Stainless Steel

This is a 2 pc interior A/C Control Panel Surround. Made of high-quality 304 #8 stainless steel. The solid piece has a brushed stainless finish.

It is trimmed with a polished stainless surround. Easy installation with attached 3M tape.

This will fit the 01-05 PT Cruiser, including the Convertible. Comes either in polished or brushed face.

Price: 42.00

A/C Face Plate, Brushed or Polished





Front Window Switch Surround 2pc Set

PT Cruiser rear window switch surround is a 2 pc set. A very high polished stainless steel. Very easy to install with attached 3m tape. Made in the USA.

Both Pieces

Price: $38.00

Front Window Switch Surround Set









PT Cruiser Chrome Washer Sprayer Covers

Get your Cruiser exterior hood looking sharp with these Chrome Washer Sprayer Covers from Action Artistry.

Constructed from 6061 T6 billet aluminum, these unique pieces install directly over your existing Washer Sprayer using pre-applied,

automotive-grade adhesive with no fabrication required. Simply prep the surface, then place, peel, and stick.

Easy installation and precision craftsmanship make this a great way to set your PT apart from the rest.

  • Constructed from 6061 T6 billet aluminum
  • Spcifically tailored for your PT Cruiser
  • No drilling, cutting, or fabrication required

Price: $41.99 Set of 2

Chrome Washer Sprayer Caps, 01-10




Poweraid PT Cruiser Throttle Body Spacer

The PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer bolts in front of the throttle body and causes a "vortex" effect to the air intake charge. This causes the air/fuel mixture to atomize more completely, which creates a more efficient combustion. Adds up to 5 horsepower & 5 ft/lbs of torque, and can increase gas mileage

The PowerAid TBS concept was developed to enhance mid-range power, torque and fuel efficiency. The unique dyno-proven "Helix Bore" of the PowerAid TBS causes a spinning action of the incoming air-charge as it passes through the throttle body. This extremely beneficial air-charge carries all the way into the combustion chamber, producing a super-atomized mixture, which produces tremendous gains in mid-range power and overall efficiency. This is the key element to the horsepower success behind each PowerAid TBS.

Does not fit turbo models.

Price: $109.99

PowerAid Throttle Body, 06-10





4-Piece Molded Chrome Plated Bumper Trim Kit


Molded Chrome Plated Bumper Trim Kit for the PT Cruiser will accent your PT Cruiser's stock gray or Painted bumpers

with these exciting new molded chrome plated trim pieces. Includes front bumper trim and rear bumper backup Light trim.

Super easy installation!

4-piece set

Price: $105.00

4- Piece Chrome Bumper Inserts

Price: $59.99

Front Bumper Insert Set Only

Price: $59.99

Rear Bumper Insert Set Only




Chromed Fuel Door "Now for the Convertible"

This cap is molded from high quality ABS and plated with lustrous chrome.

This is an easy install it attaches via generously supplied 3M adhesive,

no drilling or modification required. Just peel and stick, fits perfectly over the OEM fuel door.

Price: $ 44.00

Convertible Fuel Door Cover,03-08



Night Raider LED Scanner

The 15" LED scanner bar can be used as a 3rd brake light, a security scanner for alarm systems, behind your grill,

the possibilities are endless. When the alarm is set, it will scan back and forth.

One of the best things about this item is that it can be powered by a single AA battery.

This can also be cut off and the item hard wired to any standard 12 volt power source.

Available in 6 colors
, Order Yours Today!

Red, Blue, Green, White, Purple, Orange


Price: $39.99 Each

Night Raider Scanner







LumaFlex Flexible LED Strips

If you need the ultimate in custom lighting, look no further than LumaFlex Flexible LED Strips. These amazing LED Strips are Flexible,

and can be easily cut to length to fit anywhere! With LumaFlex LED Strips, you have the ability to do almost any custom lighting job.

LumaFlex Strips come in 1ft Lengths and can be easily connected together where a longer LED Strip is required.

They can also be cut shorter to fit in any space necessary. The included 3M Adhesive Strip can be used to mount the LumaFlex Strip on almost any surface.

They are 100% Waterproof so you can use them anywhere on or in your car, truck, boat, or motorcycle.

Colors available: Blue,Red,Green,Yellow,Purple,White,Pink,Orange,Blacklight.

Price: $29.99 Each Length

Luma Lights







Route 66 Emblem In Yellow

Price: $28.00

Route 66 Yellow Emblem Set-2





3-Piece Chrome Plated

Door Handle Scuff Guards,01-10

Dress up your exterior with these stylish Chrome Plated Door Handle Scuff Guards.  Made of rugged, ABS material for easy installation

and great looks, then chrome plated to a high luster!

3-M double-stick adhesive included.   

Super easy installation! 3-piece set




Price: $34.99

Convertible Guards, 01-08






Convertible Chromed Door Spear Covers

These Convertible Door Spears will add a great touch to your car. These are a chromed Stainless Steel.

Very easy to install with attached 3m tape. Comes as a set of four, easy to install in minutes.

Price: $199.99

Chrome Convertible Door Spear Covers






Smart Charge trickle charger. Hook up easy and keep your battery charged all the time. Great for the times when your not using your battery

for long periods of time, keeps a full charge and prevents dead cell or dead battery and the cost of having to go and buy that new expensive battery.

This can be used on all batteries used in auto, marine, motorcycles, atv's really anything except for household battries.

Battery shown is example not included with smart charge system.     


Price: $19.99 each

Smart Charge System




Chrome Hood Trim Decor

Hot Rod or not, this Art Deco inspired hood trim adds timeless style to your PT Cruiser. Hood trim complements the stock emblem,

uniting both parts into a unit that looks great! No holes to drill! Easily installed by using template provided. The trim was designed and

produced in the USA to OEM standards. Double sided 3M automotive tape is pre-applied to each trim for installation.

Installs in about 10 minutes

Price: $79.99

Chrome Hood Decore, 2003-2008





Cruiser Chrome Beltline, 03-10 



Fits all years all models!!! Including Convertible. Made of High Quality Extruded chrome. FEATURING A LIFETIME WARRANTY Kit is designed

for easy DIY installation. All pieces come sealed, & marked for easy installation Full instructions are included. Kit encircles entire vehicle with a

chrome strip just above the indented bodyline.  Enhances your PT's classy look. Looks Incredible with our grille kit as well! No drilling,

attaches with 3M automotive tape.  We Use High Quality Professional Grade material.


Convertible Beltline Kit

Price: $79.99

03-10 Cruiser





Chromed Antenna Bezel


Here is a nice addition to enhance your cruiser look.

This is a sharp looking chromed Antenna Bezel. It fits 2003-2008 cruisers, very easy to install.


Price: $18.00

Chrome Antenna Bezel




PT Cruiser Rear Chrome Trim, 01-10

Sedans or Convertibles, If you're looking for a great way to add a little something to your ride this is it!  Our product is also made in th USA.
This product is made of a special chrome trim that applies along the back hatch or your car. This kit will require no extra tools or modifications to your car.
This item is brand new and has never been used, and installation for this item takes approximately 5 minutes. Product is resistant to rust, tarnish, and chipping.

Price: $19.99

Rear Chrome Trim, 03-10





PlasmaGlow Plasma Xenon Bulbs,  HOT PRICE!!


Only PlasmaGlow bulbs combine the power of Xenon and Krypton Gas, with the highest light output possible!


Headlamp bulbs are available in Plasma Blue


PlasmaGlow Xenon Replacement Bulbs use the power of Xenon and Krypton gas to give your car the unique look you are looking for!,

our Plasma Xenon bulbs will give your headlights the custom look you desire. Not only do they provide high performance Xenon light,

but when viewed at an angle, they produce a colored halo that is sure to turn heads! All of our bulbs are direct replacements for your stock bulbs

and can be installed in about 10 minutes. Our bulbs are also designed to work with your stock wiring with no additional upgrades.

They are designed to increase performance without an increase in power draw or heat.


Low Beam Pair # 9006 

Price: $25.99


High Beam Pair # 9005

Price: $25.99




Stealth Turn Signal Bulbs 

Stealth bulbs look silver when off but flash amber when lit. They will look great on your PT's clear corner lenses and are completely legal!

Price:$29.99 Set

Stealth Bulbs






PT Cruiser Headlight Trim - Chrome - 2006-10

Your 2006-10 chrome headlight trim have arrived. Made from chromed ABS plastic with a Real Chrome Nickel Finish.
This is a 2pc set. Very easy installation with attached 3m tape.Installs directly over the OEM part.

Price: 69.99 Set

2006-10 Headlight Trim






Chrome Plated Plastic Nut Covers 

Now 46 Piece Kit !

Dress up the under-hood area of your PT with these bright, chrome plated plastic nut covers. These versatile decorations can be used to hide

unsightly black or rusted nut/stud locations. Each kit contains 2 Extra Large, 18 Large, 14 Medium and 12 Small covers that press-on fit, but can

be removed when necessary. Covers fit over the nuts that secure the engine bay area, hood hinges, struts, inside door jambs, etc. Covers also

fit the bolt heads and dress up the center post of the driver and passenger door openings. If the nut cover wont fit tight it is reccommended to use

silicone gel or other adhesive to secure cover in place via .

Price: $34.00

Set of 46 Covers 




Hood Strut Kit -2003-2010

Install this fantastic accessory and eliminate the troublesome hood prop rod! Hood lifts easily with the smooth hydraulic action of a luxury car.

Kit includes two high-pressure struts, one for each side, plus all hardware needed for the installation. 

All mounting points are in stock locations. No hole drilling or riveting required for assembly takes about 20 minures to install.

One of the most rewarding changes you can make to your PT!

This set comes either the original black or now with Chrome covers.


Price: $99.99

Hood Strut Kit Black 

Hood Strut Kit With Chrome Covers 

Price: $129.99
















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