PT Cruiser Hoods




Suncoast Automotive Chrysler PT Cruiser Ram-Air Hood

Suncoast Automotive brings you a ram-air hood with heat extractor vents to channel harmful hot air away from your engine compartment, keeping your motor running cooler and helping it to last longer. These hoods also work great with a cold air intake system because the ram air vents in the hood will force colder, denser air into the engine bay and feed your hungry air intake. Made of a composite resin mixture and finished in a smooth, white gelcoat, this hood is ready to be prepped, primed, and painted.

  • Composite resin mixture construction
  • Optional heat extractors built into hood
  • Ready for the paint shop
  • Horsepower and fuel economy increase
  • Works great with cold air intake kits

Offering a array of benefits such as the optional heat extractors to draw hot air away from your engine to forcing cold air into your engine bay through the ram-air vents, this hood is a great addition to your PT Cruiser for excellent looks and functionality.

Price: $799.99

True Ram Air Hood Without Heat Extractor



Price: $949.99

True Ram Air Hood With Heat Extractor




Cowl Induction Power Hood


Our hoods are ready for primer/paint and are very easy to install.
So for style, quality and durability we have engineered hoods to be the best value on the market.

This Cowl Induction Power Hood has been designed to utilize all factory mounting locations for simplicity and ease of installation.


The cowl induction hood is not a new idea and it actually works. That's why NASCAR uses them in their Winston Cup Cars. As the air passes over the opening, it creates a vacuum of cold air over the windshield. This allows the hot air from inside the engine compartment to escape letting the engine breathe cooler air and therefore running stronger and longer. Not only do they function, but they look great on any Cruiser, the way the factory pearl paints change colors on the curves of the scoop. The hoods are double skinned fiberglass design with a separate inner and outer shell. PTeazer has a special patented design that prevents any radio interference commonly found with fiberglass hoods. *Note: If you are having this hood shipped to a residence there is a $80.00 additional cost on shipping for residential, if you have a business address to send to no additional cost on shipping.

Cowl Induction Power Hood





Hood Strut Kit

Install this fantastic accessory and eliminate the troublesome hood prop rod! Hood lifts easily with the smooth hydraulic action of a luxury car.  Kit includes two high-pressure struts, one for each side, plus all hardware needed for the installation.  All mounting points are in stock locations. No hole drilling or riveting required for assembly.  One of the most rewarding changes you can make to your PT!

This set comes either the original black or now with Chrome covers.


Price: $99.99

Hood Strut Set, 2001-2010

Hood Strut Set With Chrome Covers 2001-2010

Price: $135.99







Stainless Steel PT Cruiser Hood Panel

One size fits all!

Dress up your PT with this highly polished stainless steel hood panel. Easy install only three small hole to drill.




Price: $319.99

Stainless Hood Panel, 2001-2010






Stainless Polished Lower Hood Panel Insert

Here is another very attractive item that brings out the high shine.



Price: $119.00

Stainless Lower Hood Panel, 2001-2010