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Universal Tilt Hood & Door Kits



Tilt Your Hood the Right Way! 

The Autoloc™ Tilt Hood Kit allows your hood to tilt forward, offering a totally custom look, and provides improved access to the engine compartment. Professional installation recommended. Includes detailed instructions and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

AutoLoc's™ Tilt Hood Kit gives you the same custom look of many of world's top performance vehicles. AutoLoc's™ kit makes it easy to reverse the tilt on your hood! Not only does it give you a custom look, it also allows for easy access and maximum visibility, so everyone can see what your rocking under the hood! Featuring easy installation and universal application, this kit is great for everyone!

Price: $289.99

Tilt Hood Kit, Universal



Customize Your Hood The Right Way!

Get the awesome custom look you’ve seen at import car shows all over the country. Split hoods are the latest craze. Don’t be left out! Autoloc’s™ 4-hinge split hood kit works for all models of cars and trucks. Use Autoloc’s™ Split Hood Kit to open your hood directly down the middle, zig zag, or however you desire. The kit will require cutting or welding. Professional installation recommended. Autoloc™ is no responsible for damage to your hood by improper cutting. Includes detailed instructions and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Price: $229.99

Split Hood Kit, Universal





Gullwing Doors

The New Thing in Custom Doors!

Make your ride's doors swing up like a Gullwing Mercedes or a DeLorean! Get ahead of the curve. Lift your doors up to 180 degrees straight up! These will be the next popular custom mod since lambo doors! Available with motorized option and remote activation. Kits are shipped with detailed instructions. Please note, professional installation is recommended. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.



Gullwing Door Conversion Kit (2 Door)


Price: $529.99

Gullwing Manual Door Conversion Kit 2 Doors



Automatic Gullwing Door Conversion Kit (2 Door)



Price: $879.99

Automatic Gullwing Door Conversion Kit (2 Doors)