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   Super Cruiser BLOWOUT Specials !!

Take advantage of these specials

 These specials are not advertised on our regular site

!!Some Advertised Prices are Below our cost so get them now!! Limited Quanities













3-second brake light mask The easiest, most fun to use, 3rd brake light mask for your PT ever.

2001-2010, Get ready to express yourself! Your Presto Change-O“ installs and changes in under 3 seconds! No need for tools or disassembling (yikes) your Presto Change-O“, Will not warp, fade, shrink, crack, peel or bubble. Will not fit a Convertable

Price: $12.99

PCO Your Choice


Chrysler PT Cruiser Diamond Plate Cargo Area Mat 

Put the beauty and toughness of diamond plate to work protecting your carpet with this Diamond Plate Cargo Area

Mat made by American Car Craft. Laser cut for a perfect fit and finish, this mat is designed specifically for your

PT Sedan or Convertible Cruiser.


  • Diamond-plate aluminum
  • Laser cut for precise fit

Protect your cargo area with the toughness of diamond plate and the quality of ACC

Price: $92.88, ONE Left

Diamond Plate Cargo Area, Standard Cruiser

Polished Stainless LED Exhaust Tips

With cutouts on both sides and ends exposing the bright LED light and creating a unique display.  Other Flame tips on the market have etched flames and don't expose the light except out the end making this product unique.


Blue Machine Gun Tip

Blue L.E.D. 1"-325" x 8.5" ADJ. EXHAUST TIP

Price: $29.99

Machine Gun Tip, ONE LEFT


Chrome Windshield Washer Cap Cover

Three in stock

Price: $24.00

Chrome Windshield Cap Cover

Chrome Power Steering Cap Cover

Turbo Only 2001-2005, Three left

Price: $18.00

Chrome Power Steering Cap Cover, Turbo

Chrome Master Cylinder Clutch Reservoir Cover

Last One in Stock


Chrome Master Cylinder Clutch Reservoir Cover

Computer (ECM) Polished Stainless Cover 2001-2005

Last One in Stock Any Where!


Price: $60.00

ECM Computer Cover

PT Cruiser Smooth Plate 2pc Door Inserts 

Now you can have the tough look of smooth polished inside your PT Cruiser with these 2 piece Door Inserts from American Car Craft. Easily installed. 

 Smooth not shown

Price: $25.00

Smooth Polished (1) left in stock Door Spear Insert

PT Cruiser Rear Back Up Light Trim Rings

Set of two

Here is a nice addition to the back end and makes the backup lights stand out

Polished stainless, no rust issues and very easy install in minutes


After install

Price: $39.99

Polished Rear Backup Trim Rings, Set of Two

(Three In Stock) 

Brand New Chrysler Jacket

Brand New never worn Chrysler Jacket 3X size. Inside fully lined and very warm. Jacket is a button up type and is an official Chrysler Jacket.

Two left in stock!!


Price: $35.00 each

Chrysler Jacket 3XL only

Show & Shine Skull Door Retention Rods

Very cool item for the car show buffs.  Keep your show car doors open and secure at shows and meets.

These will protect your car from public getting inside by locking in place, props the door open just enough for great viewing.

They are made of a light weight metal and Quadra plated chrome for that life long lasting look. Comes in a sets of 2.


Price: $69.99 Set of two

Skull End Door Retention Rods 30"

Show & Shine Plain End Door Retention Rods

Very cool item for the car show buffs.  Keep your show car doors open and secure at shows and meets.

These will protect your car from public getting inside by locking in place, props the door open just enough for great viewing.

They are made of a light weight metal and Quadra plated for that life long lasting look. Front and Rear. Comes in sets of 4

THREE SETS LEFT. Choose either Red, Blue, Gold Or 8 Ball Set




Price: $69.99

Set of Four

Door Retention Rods



Chrome Locking Fuel Door

This is a replacement fuel filler door that fits the 2001-2010 PT Cruiser 5 door hatchbacks.

It is Chromed and highly polished. It fits exactly with no added drilling and looks great, ready to install in minutes,

remove the old filler door and replace with your new lockable chrome door, looks very sharp and adds a impressive touch to your cruiser.


Photo not exact but very similar to exact product

Price: $119.99

Chromed Locking Fuel Door

StreetGlow LED Washer Nozzle with Light

Nozzle Installation Instructions Sheet

Colors: Red, Orange

Price: $15.00

Washer Nozzel Lighted



Interior Center Dome Light Cover

Now this is a cool look, makes for the mood lighting inside the cruiser.

They come in several colors to make the mood the way you want and there so easy to change out

in just a few minutes or less. We have them for the 2001-2010 cruiser.

Price: 19.00 Each

Interior Dome Light Cover 

2001 to 2005

Color 1:


Price: $19.00

Interior Dome Light Cover


Color 1:





Chrome Wire Loom, 10 foot long

Here is a nice dress up part for under the engine. Run your engine

wires through the loom and hide them in style. We have One left in stock.


Price: $9.00 3/8"

Chrome Wire Loom 10 Foot (ONE LEFT)

Price: $11.00 1/2 Inch

Chrome Wire Loom 10 Foot (One Left)




PT Cruiser Glass Ash Tray


Price: $9.00 (1 left)

PT Cruiser Glass Ash Tray

PT Cruiser Automatic Transmission D“cor

Burlwood Color wood grain. Ready to install very easy and looks great

fits 2001 to 2005. Limited supply left.


Price: $29.99

Transmission Burlwood D“cor, Choose your style


4-Piece Trim Ring Set, 01-05

Price: $89.99

A/C Trim Ring Set, 2001-2005, (One Set Left in Stock)



Polished Stainless Two Hole Defroster Plate

Nice addition to the area where you have the two push switchs and make it look nice with the polished stainless plate.

(Two Left In Stock!)

Price: $23.79

Polished Stainless Two Hole Defroster Plate





 PT Cruiser Billet Grille, 2001 to 2005

Brand new billet grille made by E&G Classics was used as store display only never installed

on cruiser. Grille has a brushed front and black powder coated inside.

Last one available get it now before someone grabs it! Item is out of box last one.

Price: $259.99

Billet Grille 2001-2005 ONE LEFT




Reverse Light Mask,2001-2005

Black Spider Web, Black Bear paws, Skulls, Butter Fly, Stars,

Black Stars, Palm Trees, Hearts

Standard color mirror chrome or Black.

These go on the rear backup lights easy to install in minutes

More Photos coming soon

Price: $35.00

Chrome Horizontal Flames, Chrome or Black Spider Web, Chrome Racing Flag, Chrome Bear Paws,

Chrome or Black Paw Baum, Chrome or Black Skulls, Chrome Hearts




Universal Vehicle Multimedia System (Vision Liberty 3)

Here is the first ever headrest cover video system that allows you to add multimedia to your existing factory headrest for a true plug & play application.

This system installs in about 5 minutes and is ready to go. There is no need to replace or slice up your factory headrest, no custom installation required. The best part is it is completely transferable from vehicle to vehicle. The system is either A/C or D/C operation and can be used in the home also. The system comes with a luxurious suede carry bag for easy transportation from vehicle or to anywhere you want to take it to.  The headrest cover are made of luxurious suede fabric and the universal size just slides right over the headrest and stays in place.


The DVD player is compatible with all formats: DVD, SVCD, VCD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW and Picture CD. Plays MPEG4 movies and has anti vibration built in, Dolby digital and DTS output, digital audio output. Comes with a remote control and is E13 Certified for no electromagnetic interferences.


The system also comes with folding wireless headphones with built in volume control that comes in color matched carry bags


System & Specifications:

German TUV Crash safety tested. 2 each 7“ tilting LCD Screen with infrared transmitters, with the headrest housing covers, remote controls, system compatible with 12 Volt, 110 volt or 240 volt all cables included. Luxurious suede carrying bag.


Price: $185.99

Universal Vehicle Multimedia System (Vision Liberty 3)

Complete System Ready to go

Colors: Taupe Beige 







Complete Silicone Hose Kit

It's easy to create an entirely new engine look by simply replacing your car's OEM hoses with Silicone Vacuum Hoses in vivid color

“ A great value “Silicone Vacuum Hose (SVH) is the most economical way to dramatically enhance your engine with color and quality. SVH is warranted for life against manufacturing defects. Replacing old, deteriorating OEM rubber hoses with long-life 100% silicone SVH may cure mysterious intermittent engine problems. Installation is quick and easy. Kits for the PT Cruiser are designed and are ready to install, eliminating guesswork for the length and sizes of hose for your engine. Do it yourself!

SVH is easy to clean and maintain. Vacuum: 25 in. Hg. min. (All vacuum hose with 0.065" wall and greater) Pressure: 120 PSI max. (All vacuum hose with 0.065" wall and greater) Temperature range: -65“ F to +350“ F (-54“ C to +177“ C)

Note: Silicone hose is not intended for use on aircraft or marine craft or any application that uses

Before Kit Installed

After Kit Installed

Price: $98.99 each kit

Grey Color Left, One only






Billet, Flamed Shorty Antennas 17"

If you“ve been looking for a car antenna to match you ride“s flamed-out attitude then you will totally dig the “Stubbie Antenna“ laser flame radio antenna. The antenna mast of the laser flame “Stubbie Antenna“ is machined from a 1 /4““ stainless steel rod and the base is machined from aluminum billet. Antenna is Laser etched with a flame design onto the antenna mast and then polished it to shine bright like chrome.

This radio antenna isn“t only designed to enhance the appearance of your car, truck or SUV but to also provide the best possible radio reception! All include three adapters to fit most foreign and domestic vehicles


  • Machined from 1/4" steel rod.
  • Billet aluminum base.
  • Laser-etched flame design.
  • 3 adapter fittings.
  • Improves radio reception.
  • Universal fit

Price: $39.99 Each

Flamed Antenna 17“

Yellow Flame, Four Left






Color Dice Door Lock Pulls

These come as a set of four, limited amount left

Price: $7.00 Set of 4

Color Dice Pulls, Choose your color: White , Purple, Green, Yellow and pink no longer available



Picture Perfect Photo Frame

A unique way to display your photos.  This acrylic picture frame displays 6 photos of your choosing.  The unique frame comes with the "Film Strip" insert and is made so you can add and change your photos simply. 
Meausers 36" long by 6 3/4" wide. Can put up to a 5" by 4" photo inside or cut to size. 

Price: $13.00 each

Photo Perfect Frame (THREE LEFT)






Stellar 2 Way Lcd Alarm W/ Remote Start

Only...ONE Left

The STRS9950 is jam-packed with sophisticated features that ensure your vehicle's protection and comes with Stellar's state-of-the-art Remote Start System.
The STRS9950's code learning technology protects your vehicle from would-be car thieves. With fully programmable settings, you can custom tailor the
STRS9950 to your needs. St“llar's Status Memory System recalls system settings and status if power is ever disconnected. Using technology developed
for the Tomahawk Cruise Missile, the STRS9950's fully adjustable Shock Sensor features Fuzzy Logic Programming, "warn first" mode, and 6 zones of protection.

Besides the Remote Starting System with an Anti-Grinding feature and Auto-Restart, the STRS9950 comes loaded with features, including built-in Parking Light relays, Remote Keyless Entry, Extra Outputs for Additional Accessories, Code Learning Technology, 4 additional built in relays, Standard & Diesel mode, Parking/Dome Light Supervision, Ignition Triggered Locks, System Diagnostics, Silent Arm/Disarm and much more!
Each STRS9950 comes with one long-range remotes, plug in LED and Valet Button, Six Tone Siren, wiring, and wiring harness. The STR9950 features a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Built-in Door Lock & Unlock Relay: Stop wiring up external relays! St“llar offers B.I.R.T (built-in relay technology) resulting in one of the most reliable and easiest installed security system on the market. Compatible with all door locking systems, including reverse polarity! Built in relays increase reliability, while reducing installation wiring time by over 70%.
Programmable Settings: Allows you to turn on and off certain features, which creates a custom alarm system to fit your needs.
Status Memory: St“llar's Status Memory System recalls system settings and status if power is ever disconnected.
Six-Tone Siren W/Honk Mode: Your Choice! This siren is multi-funtional in that you can make use of your existing horn, or instead use the six-tone siren feature.
Adjustable Shock Sensor w/ Fuzzy Logic: Fuzzy Logic is a computer term to indicate that the microprocessor in the alarm is programmed to "think" and decides if the impact is the proper signature for break in, or if it is the wind from a passing truck. The same applies to the voltage sensor in this alarm unit, it knows the difference between the electric fan and a small light in the car. Fuzzy Logic technology will result in fewer false alarms and an increase in your car's protection.
Super Soft Mode: Reduce the sound of the chirp when arming, or disarming your vehicle so you won't disturb your neighbors!
Plug-In Led & Valet Button: St“llar Alarms include a valet button, which allows you to program your alarm, and a Red Plug-In LED to show whether your alarm is on or off.
Built-in Starter Kill Relay: In order to protect your vehicle when you lock your doors by remote the unit automatically cuts your ignition wire. In the event of a break in a car thief will not be able to start your vehicle! This unit also qualifies for car alarm insurance discounts from all major insurance agencies. In most cases this discount is around 5% to 20%!
Car Jacking Protection: All St“llar car alarms offer an anti car jacking mode. To activate simply arm the alarm while driving. If any door is open the alarm will trigger.
VATS & PATS Bypass Output: Reduces installation time because the STRS9950 is compatible with all bypass modules.
System Diagnostics: You no longer have to worry about whether you have wired the system up perfectly. System will notify you by flashing the parking lights if you have installed the system incorrectly. This is a built-in trouble shooting feature
Diesel Mode: Get Started! The STRS9950 remote start feature is compatible with diesel engines.
Anti-Grind Feature: Tired of hearing a grinding noise with after-market remote starters? The STRS9950 eliminates starter grinding on your vehicle.
Price: $129.99
Stellar 2 Way Lcd Alarm W/ Remote Start




LumaFlex Flexible LED Strips

If you need the ultimate in custom lighting, look no further than LumaFlex Flexible LED Strips. These amazing LED Strips are Flexible, and can be easily cut to length to fit anywhere! With LumaFlex LED Strips, you have the ability to do almost any custom lighting job.

LumaFlex Strips come in 1ft Lengths and can be easily connected together where a longer LED Strip is required. They can also be cut shorter to fit in any space necessary. The included 3M Adhesive Strip can be used to mount the LumaFlex Strip on almost any surface.

They are 100% Waterproof so you can use them anywhere on or in your car, truck, boat, or motorcycle. Colors available: Red, Green, Purple

Price: $12.00 Each Length

Luma Lights




Lighted Flashing Jewerly, Assorted

Here is some real neat things for the car shows for show and glows or just to have fun with these cool

flashy blinky items. The flowers attact in your hair with a clip that is already on the piece.

Price: $1.50 Each

Blinky Flowers, Pierced Earings, Dog Tags, Multi Color Rings





Lighted Shot Glass

Here is another fun item to have for shows or just about any occasion.

They turn on when liquid goes into them and turn off when empty. Reuseable just wash and keep for the next event.

Price: $2.50 Each

Shot Glass

Colors: Flashing Red & Blue





Lighted and Flashing Beer Stein or Cola Glasses

This is a conversation piece. It turns on with a small button located on the bottom of the stein.

Multi colors flash, completely washable by removing the bottom of the flashing unit.


Price: $4.59 Each

Beer Stein or Cola Glass






PT Cruiser Glass Beer Glass

Great to have for the fun times and to show off your style. Laser etched in glass with cruiser and the logo PT Cruiser.

Very limited supply on hand. NOTE: the glass will not have ptbugzy on it just in photo shown.


Price: $9.50 Each

PT Cruiser Glass (Two Left)





PTeazer "Classiq Stainless Mesh Grille". Framed in a Paintable Surround

One left at this price.

Available for both Smoothie and Bumperette Front Fascia's.

Each grille is hand built in the U.S.A. and is very labor intensive.

Stainless Polished Mesh Grill

Price: $800.00 HOT Price




Tail Lamp Covers Painted or Unpainted


These tail light covers are a great dress up accessory for your PT. Made of rugged, durable ABS for easy installation and great looks,

they are ready for paint in your choice of color. 3-M double-stick adhesive on back side included. Super easy installation! 2-piece set.


Price: $25.00

Tail Light Covers Unpainted Set 01-10


Price: $79.99

Tail Light Covers Painted Set 01-10







MORE COMING SOON keep an eye on this page for great sale items....












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